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About The Durian

Welcome to Hanoi's only functioning satire site (that we're aware of)

The Durian brings you the finest in utter bollocks with an insincere shit-eating grin on its face - all stories are totally devoid of fact, divorced entirely from reality and are churned out relentlessly with the sole aim of entertaining you, so please don't try to sue us.

In the pursuit of this eon-old art form, we're likely to use a lot of naughty words, multiple references to sex-organs and scatological metaphors that you really shouldn't be reading if you're under 18 - or over 18 really, like seriously? Don't you have a job or something better to be doing than reading this trite overwrought drivel? Fuck.

Anyway, all people featured simply DO NOT EXIST and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional. All photos have been purloined through legal challenges via royalty free sources and are purely for illustrative photos. So please remember not to believe anything printed on these pages and try to see it for the weak-minded humour that it is.

Once again, for clarity and the desire to avoid being passed around prison like currency, we assure you this is all made up, not factual and a complete piss-take. We make zero money from doing this and do it only for the sake of staying sane.

With this in mind, we present The Durian - Hanoi's Smelliest News.