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Study finds social media users in Vietnam more likely to comment on stories without reading

Ba Đình, Hanoi – Researchers today revealed a staggering 82 percent of social media users in Vietnam will vent spleen into the etherspace without bothering to read the article to the end, whereas some 66 percent would comment and share online content after just reading the headline.

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If you actually read through all that, please accept our apologies – especially to those of you who made the noble but futile effort of translating it to seek meaning, for there is none to be had –  like your life.

Our previous story was our 100th and from the 100 stories we guffed out into the etherspace of social media over the last 11 months, we found that, on average, just 23 percent of Facebook users interacting with the stories actually read them. Trust us, we have the data and it’s depressing as fuck.

Joke’s on us for wasting our time on all those words, cheap puns and scatological references, not to mention the necessary intoxicants to dare share them with the cannibalistic hordes of Vietnam’s netizens.

Anyway, herein lies a heartfelt thanks wrapped up in a lazy joke – one prompted by Google Domains ordering us to pay up or face online extinction, but nonetheless a genuine one.

Here’s to everyone who fretted about “not being able to find anything confirming this online” or deeming us “fake news” without ever stopping to check the source, let alone the giant fucking banner that says "SATIRE" on our home page – y’all the real MVPs of the internet.

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